Schweiger & Partners is a intellectual property law firm founded in 1996 with offices in Munch and Singapore. The law firm represents and consults international multicorporate enterprises, mid tier companies and small businesses from our home countries and internationally in all fields of intellectual property. Our attorneys are admitted to represent before the patent and trademark offices in Germany (DPMA), Great Britain (UKIPO), Europe (EPO and EUIPO), Belgium (OPRI), and Singapore (IPOS), such that we can offer international representation from one hand to our clients. Unsere Anwälte sind unter anderem vor den Patent-und Markenämtern in Deutschland (DPMA), Großbritannien (UKIPO), Europa (EPO und EUIPO), Belgien (OPRI) und Singapur (IPOS) vertretungsberechtigt, wodurch wir unseren Mandanten eine internationale Beratung und Vertretung aus einer Hand bieten können. Further we represent our clients in patent and trademark cases before the German Patent Court (BPatG), before the German Supreme Court (BGH) and before the German civil courts.

Due to the time offset between our offices we can offer a round-the-clock availability of our attorneys and our infrastructure.

Further, since our attorneys speak a wide range of different languages we can offer a smoothless and efficient international prosecution of your rights.


Introducing our attorneys 

Martin Schweiger

Martin Schweiger

Dipl.-Ing. Univ.
German Patent Attorney (DE)
Patent Attorney (SG)
European Patent and Trademark Attorney (EP, EU)
Registered PMC & PMC-IPM Consultant (SG)

Mr. Martin Schweiger is a European Patent and Trademark Attorney, a registered Patent Agent in Singapore and also a registered foreign lawyer in Singapore. In his 22 years of professional career, Mr. Schweiger has been involved in patent drafting and litigation matters in a wide variety of technological fields ranging from lab-on-chip devices, biomaterials and orthopedic technologies to semiconductor engineering and wireless communication devices.

He has a teaching assignment in International IP Law at the Technische Universität München (Singapore campus). He is the editor of the online teaching website and the author of numerous peer-reviewed online articles in the field of IP.

He is passionate about new products and innovation marketing, mechanical patents, business method patents, transducer technology, signal processing, systems control and robotics. He loves to train inventors in protecting their inventions.

Martin is proficient in English, German, Portuguese and French. He speaks Mandarin at a beginner level.

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Thomas Leffers

Thomas Leffers

Dipl.-Tech. Math. Univ. (LL.M.)
German Patent Attorney (DE)
European Patent and Trademark Attorney (EP, EU)

Mr. Thomas Leffers is a German and European Patent and Trademark Attorney. He has deep knowledge of the jurisdiction regarding the patenting of software, mathematical methods and methods for treatment of the human or animal body by surgery or therapy in Germany, Europe, the United Kingdom, China and the US. He has carried out many proceedings before the German Federal Patent Court and the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office. Thomas has completed a postgraduate program in “European Intellectual Property Law”, wherein he wrote a master thesis on the benefits of the patent law reform for the international civil procedure law. He is further author of an article about the advantages of the Unified Patent Court System of the European Union for the international civil procedure law.

Thomas is proficient in German, English, French and conversational Spanish.

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Andrea Merz

Andrea Merz

German Patent Attorney (DE)

Andrea Merz is an Attorney at Law and Partner of Schweiger & Partners.Andrea has extensive experience in the field of intellectual property, particularly in trademarks and designs. Since 2002 she advocates and represents mostly mid tier companies in trademark matters. She supports her clients with the development of prosecution strategies and building trademark portfolios.

For instance, Andrea represents the interests of her clients in application proceedings, objections proceedings and nullity proceedings before the German and European trademark offices and courts such as the DPMA, the BPatG, the EUIPO, the EuG and the EuGH, and before the WIPO.Further, Andrea has extensive litigation expertise before the German civil courts, in both trademark and patent infringement cases and in preliminary court injunctions relating to trademark infringement and unfair competition cases.Andrea has studied law in the renowned Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. She is admitted to the bar since 2000.

Andrea is proficient in German, English and Italian.

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Bakuri Lanchava

Bakuri Lanchava

Dipl.-Phys., Dr. rer. nat., PhD
German Patent Attorney (DE)
European Patent and Trademark Attorney (EP, EU)
Patent Attorney (SG)

Dr. Bakuri Lanchava obtained a Master and a PhD degree from the National Research Nuclear University of Moscow (MEPhI) in Plasma Physics and a Dr. rer. nat. degree from the University of Regensburg in Solid State Physics. Bakuri is a German and European Patent and Trademark Attorney and qualified Singapore Patent Agent with more than 15 years of relevant experience both in the industry and in the private law practice. Bakuri is author and inventor of a number of scientific publications and patents.

As a patent attorney, he mostly advocates clients in the fields of automotive, semiconductor technologies, magneto-optics, imaging and non-imaging optics, electronics for medical applications, laser and plasma technologies. His expertise covers drafting and prosecuting patents, litigation, enforcing patents, as well as legal advice in all IP matters.

He is proficient in English, German, Georgian, Russian and French.

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Benjamin A. Echterhoff

Benjamin A. Echterhoff

(Partner in Munich and Singapore)

German Patent Attorney (DE)
European Patent and Trademark Attorney (EP, EU)

Benjamin holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Hamburg University of Technology with a major in measuring and control systems. The focus of his studies were in optics as well as mobile communications. He has a three year working experience in a large IP Law Firm in Hamburg and has completed a training stage with the Regional Court in a chamber for Patent Litigation. Mr. Echterhoff is qualified as a German Patent Attorney and European Trademark and Design Attorney and represents clients in the particular technical fields of electronics, IT and software.

Benjamin has expertise in drafting, prosecuting, enforcing and nullity of German, European and international intellectual property rights and the preparation of legal opinion in FTO matters.

Benjamin is proficient in English and German.

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